Our Product



Dyes and Markers

We are leading manufacturer of wide range of hydrocarbon soluble dyes and markers in Middle East that can be use in different fuel usage.

Anti Oxidants

We manufacturer wide range of Antioxidant which can be used for Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Bio Diesel and even with foods as well.

Lubricant Additives

Our specialty products of lubricants additives are better choice for the usage of heavy industrial applications.

Refinery & Fuel Additives

Racheme, Middle East’s leading refinery and fuel additives manufacturer offers chemical solution that solely complies with the latest fuel specifications.

Oilfield Chemicals

In the field of oil and gas drilling industry, need of perfection is everything.Whether it is to optimizing drilling process in different environments.

Fertilizer Additives

Most fertilizers have tendency, to form lumps or agglomerates (caking) during storage.


Our Catalyst is manufactured by the dry reduction process and has optimal performance over wide spectrum of oils.

Specialty Intermediate

As a manufacturer and supplier of varieties of speciality intermediates from Middle East.

Other Chemicals

With years of experience in chemical industries and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Middle East, our team of chemical specialist are capable of making ideas into reality.

About Company

Welcome to Rachem Fze, we are Middle East’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of Dyes, Additives and Specialty Intermediate. We have an extensive range of dyes and chemical products that are suitable for chemical plants in Middle East, Africa & European Region. Started in 2013, Rachem Fze provides expertise services of specialty chemicals to different chemical industries with an aim not only to offer cost effective solutions but to achieve superior product quality as well.


Quality Policy

To work closely with stakeholders to ensure the product and service provided are resulted into happiness.Happiness Measurement

Outsourcing Solutions


  • Maximizing profit thru direct Brand Marketing or Sales approach
  • Calculated risk based market entry into Middle East – Africa market
  • Test Marketing and Market Research
  • Cost Effective module for Representative office
  • Front end customer management with highly qualified representative

Committed towards cost effective deliverables

Services Offered

  • Management representative
  • Managing Stock and sale under company’s brand.
  • Logistic management
  • Reactive Sales
  • Proactive Sales
  • Marketing and market research
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Sourcing & Audits


  • Zero investment on Infrastructure.
  • Zero liability of man power.
  • Pay as per scope of work selected.
  • Shared marketing expenses.
  • Get the right market price by cutting middle mans manipulative margins.
  • Improve customers trust by having a personal visits for customer service.
  • Service the customer directly thru your company’s brand name and improve the image.
  • Serviced by marketing professional and not salesman.
  • International presence.
  • Baby step towards opening full fledge operations.
  • Zero liability cost effective test marketing or market reach model.
  • Get professional first hand market report and complaint not report manipulated by agents or customers.


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