Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing solutions are for the companies who have following objective:

  • Allow basic identification based on the colors.
  • Ease of differentiate between different grades of fuels and other chemicals.
  • Chemicals can be graded easily with different regional / national specifications.
  • Add different aesthetic appeal to fuels and other chemicals.
  • Allow financial losses of governments / large enterprises by marking their fuels with specific grade of colors.

Though its easy to open an office in UAE for servicing Middle East and Africa region but the challenge starts when you have to run the operations, when you have to find right people to do your sales, marketing, market research. Racheme’s outsourcing solutions provides a cost effective solutions under three major head. Write to raj@racheme.com inorder to get more details and discussing your requirement and get possible solutions to reach your objective.

Services Offered

  • Management representative:
  • Managing Stock and sale under company’s brand.
    • Logistic management
    • Reactive Sales
    • Proactive Sales
    • Marketing and market research
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Sourcing & Audits


  • Zero investment on Infrastructure
  • Zero liability of man power
  • Pay as per scope of work selected
  • Shared marketing expenses
  • Get the right market price by cutting middle mans manipulative margins
  • Improve customers trust by having a personal visits for customer service
  • Service the customer directly thru your company’s brand name and improve the image.
  • Serviced by marketing professional and not salesman.
  • International presence.
  • Baby step towards opening full fledge operations.
  • Zero liability cost effective test marketing or market reach model.
  • Get professional first hand market report and complaint not report manipulated by agents or customers.