Anti Oxidants

We manufacturer wide range of Antioxidant which can be used for Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Bio Diesel and even with foods as well. Our speciality chemicals for Anti Oxidants are based on olefin that improves storage life by increasing resistance to oxidation of the fuel products, fuel performance and fuel application.

Our fuel Antioxidant products can be used in virtually every petroleum based chemical products starting from gasoline, jet fuel, Bio Diesel and Kerosene. It also plays an important role as oxidation inhibitors in biodiesel that is one of the renewable alternative fuels nowadays. We take enough care while making our Antioxidants to take follow different government standards and stringent OEM criterion.

RAOX Gasoline Antioxidant
RAJOX Jet Fuel Antioxidant
RABOX Bio diesel Antioxidant
TBHQ Food Antioxidant