Oilfield Chemicals

In the field of oil and gas drilling industry, need of perfection is everything. Whether it is to optimizing drilling process in different environments and in different mud conditions, safeguarding instruments and people or obtaining right cost-to-production ratio, we are here to serve you with our specialty oilfield chemical products.

Our oilfield chemicals are good for crude oil and natural gas production, pipeline operations and transmission system. We address the critical issue related to drilling process through our oilfield chemicals. We our product and services we offer helps our customers to accomplish product milestone easily and maximize profitability with minimum breakdown.

Our years of experience for manufacturing specialty chemicals and oilfield chemicals enables us to provide world class solution at an affordable price to our customer for gaining better product and competitive advantage.

Drilling & Mud Chemicals

  • Oilfield Chemicals & Drilling Mud
  • Cloud Point Glycols which are extensively used in Water based Muds for Shale Inhibition & Lubricant properties
  • Polyamines which are used in Water based Muds as Shale stabilizer
  • Primary & Secondary Emulsifiers used in Oil based Muds
  • Defoamers / Antifoam used in water based Muds
  • EP Lubricants used in water based Muds
  • Drilling detergents
  • Clay Stabilizer (Substitute for PHPA)
  • Oil Wetting Agents

Oilfield / Production Chemicals

  • Oilfield Production Chemicals
  • Flow improvers / Pour Point Depressants / Wax Inhibitors for smooth & trouble free transportation of crude oil from
  • exploration sites to refineries
  • Asphaltene Dispersants
  • Polymeric Surfactants for invert emulsion (w/o emulsions)
  • emulsifier Components/ Concentrates
  • Deoilers / Reverse Emulsifiers
  • Mutual Solvents for Rig-wash
  • Paraffin Dispersant