Refinery & Fuel Additives

Racheme, Middle East’s leading refinery and fuel additives manufacturer offers chemical solution that solely complies with the latest fuel specifications. Our Fuel Additives are widely used by specialty chemical manufacturer, distributors, aftermarket blenders and end users in applications like power generation, marine and deep irrigation, agriculture, minings, heavy transportation and defence to avoid contamination issue, improve performance, reduce fuel consumption and pollution emissions.

With these wide varieties of applications and custom solutions for Refinery and Fuel Additives, we work with major oil companies around the world. We follow their product specifications, competitive edge pricing and product flexibility to make Racheme first choice for our customers.

Our Refinery Fuel Additives Are

  • Designed with specific fuel requirements
  • Customised to improve fuel performance
  • Adds profitability to our customers by cost-effective solutions
  • Improves corrosion protection & conductivity improvements
Product Name Description Application
RAFLOW. PPD – Pour Point Depressant – Diesel Oil and Crude / Diesel Oil
RACOI Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor Fuel Oils and Crude / Crude
RATAF Turbine Fuel Additive- for reduction in turbine fuel blade corrosion. LDO/HFO / LDO/HFO
RAHAS. H2S/Mercaptan Scavenger Fuel Oils and Diesel – Diesel
RAOI Octane Booster Improves the octane number by 5 points Gasoline
De emulsifier Crude
RACI – Cetane Number improver
RAVI – Viscosity Index Improver Diesel
RALI – Lubricity improvers.
RAOX – Antioxidant
RAMED- Metal deactivator
RAANT- Antistatic additive Diesel